Flame Warrior

portrait orange and red modern art

‘Flame Warrior’
is a rich, warm painting with magnificent forms and beautiful details

190cm x 140cm (74″ x 55″)


orange and gold paint details
orange and red painting on a high wall
red splashed paint on canvas

Creating a sold foundation

What a name and what a painting! Flame Warrior is modern art work created with two big orange and red splashes at its core. However, it’s actually a much more complex painting than you may at first realize and one of the fundamentals that proves that point is the base layer.

Far from being a dark mass it’s very much alive and is created from a broad range of warm, complimentary colours like chocolate, burgundy, gold, black, maroon and red. This rich and opulent series of colours was woven back and forth into an intriguing undercurrent of interest that prepares you for the main event to come. I have caught myself just staring at this on its own I find it so appealing!

Building layers

The two main colours of red and orange are very much the stars of the show but in order to get them to behave properly the base has to be at a certain point of curing to allow for mixing but not dispersing, so timing with these kinds of splash paintings is everything.

And so to the main event. One single cup of thinned orange and red form the drama of the whole painting. On to this went some white loops and a few carefully placed drizzles of gold and that was it! The key to this kind of painting is in the planning and execution, there’s little time to fuss and worry here. Mixing and making sure paint consistencies and timings are correct is critical to achieve the effects I’m looking for and I am very pleased to say I nailed it right from the word go!

What you have left is radiant and very warm painting that makes you feel secure and enveloped. it’s exciting enough to remind you that you’re alive and detailed enough for you to keep picking things out for a lifetime!

Flame Warrior art by Swarez
orange and gold paint details
orange and red splash art on a wall
red splashed paint on canvas
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