round painting above a console

is a small circular painting with a rich colour palette and effortless details

91cm diameter (36″)


details of Luna by Swarez
round canvas art on a fireplace
edge details on a round painting

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The moon and things

Luna is a round painting featuring inspiration from the moon and stars. I am real space freak and love anything about the cosmos. In recent months I have been watching developments regarding planned moon landings with great interest so it was inevitable that at some point that would spill over into my creativity.

And so it has – in a graceful and spectacular way. Luna was created with my trademark enamel paints and that has given a stunning, gloss finish that reflects light on the most wonderful way (much in the same way as our moon does).

It’s a simple combination of black, Swarez blue (yes, that’s my own colour blue), metallic silver, metallic gold and a drop of white. Of particular note are the subtle craters I’ve created in parts of the blue. Again, taking inspiration from the moon, these delicate additions add another layer of interest to an already engaging piece.

Endless possibilities

The entire painting is actually made up of a series of swooshes and swoops (can’t think of another way to describe them) that radiate in a definitive crescent shape across the whole surface of the canvas. You can see all the references adding up can’t you?

#And of course there’s the ability to rotate this circular painting in a complete 360 degree orientation so you almost mimic the real moon I guess and keep the whole feel of the piece changing as you see fit. That way it always feels fresh and in constant motion. Nice!

The small-ish size of the painting means it has the ability to fit almost anywhere so any space can benefit from this interstellar wonder!

round black and blue modern art
blue paint details
circular small modern painting
gold and silver paint on canvas