Cosmic Whirlwind

Cosmic Whirlwind art by Swarez

‘Cosmic Whirlwind’
is a bright, multi-coloured artwork with incredible movements and details

110cm x 110cm (43″ x 43″)


details of Cosmic Whirlwind by Swarez Art
square abstract art on a wall
blue drip paints on canvas

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How it was created

Cosmic Whirlwind is a bright, bold new artwork with a series of distinctive colour and shape applications. It features orange and blue as its primary colours but also has purple, yellow, turquoise, red, gold, silver and white.

The painting was created with an upward motion that was formed by pouring paint from one corner to the other (generally speaking). Within that principle there are numerous offshoots of paint that takes your eye into all kinds of interesting places.

It’s all about layers

One of the standout features for me is the level of detailing contained within the paints. A glance at some of the zoomed in photos will reveal some stunning effects. A lot of these are a result of careful chemical manipulation.

I am able to achieve rivers and flows as well as craters and cells, among other visual delights. This added level of engagement is one of the key things about my paintings – their ability to work from all viewing distances. I believe you should be able to get as much from a piece of art as you can and this is my way of building in multiple ‘reveal’ layers as you get closer in.

orange and blue art by Swarez

Living with it

The clever use of colour applied to a minimal base layer (just a single white) means that Cosmic Whirlwind can probably hang just about anywhere. It has the ability to adapt to colour schemes if that’s an important consideration for you, as well as being small enough to fit into most spaces happily.

It’s bright and powerful for sure but never overpowering or lary. It’s a confident and stylish leap into abstraction that’s created, entirely by hand, using the finest materials and with the greatest of care.

turquoise and red paints
brightly coloured abstract painting
details of Cosmic Whirlwind by Swarez Art

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