Indigo Backdraft

blue and lilac artwork on a wall

‘Indigo Backdraft’
is a magnificent painting featuring lilac, purple, blue and gold colours

120cm x 120cm (47″ x 47″)


Indigo Backdraft details
purple and blue modern art
lilac paint on canvas

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The wonders of purple!

Indigo Backdraft is a square contemporary art work that features blue and purple as its main featured colours. Into this I have woven some dazzling metallic gold as well as hints of silver and lilac.

I talk a lot about how detailed my work is and of course this one is no exception. But rarely to I eulogize so profoundly regarding the intensity of the way I can manipulate paint on canvas. Well, today that’s exactly what I intend to so and for good reason – just look at it!

It’s been quite a while since I have been able to bring all the critical elements together to create a piece of work that is not only packed solid with a thousand tiny versions of itself but also one that does it in such a powerful way.

Let’s delve in that a little more…

Explaining the forms and structures

Enjoying this painting is easy and can be done at all viewing distances and in all kinds of light. But to really appreciate exactly what’s going on you need to spend time with it at a much closer distance. I have taken some photos here of the details but even that doesn’t tell the whole story. Really, I need a microscope to properly fish out all the delicate nuances.

The combination of blue and purple has long been a favourite of mine but I don’t get chance to use it on its own too often, I guess that’s because it can be a little overpowering in certain volumes and in relation to other colours that go with it. But that is NOT a concern with Indigo Backdraft as the whole painting is one outrageous leap into a dramatic maelstrom of chaos.

But the story only begins there as it also has a very subtle and considered side too – one composed of fine details and infinitely beautiful blends. So think of it as ticking both heavy and light boxes in one go. Wherever you look you are confronted by the darkness and light, often at the same time. This can be quite an assault on the senses but it’s one you soon learn to appreciate – and when you do, boy does it strike a chord!

The painting is fluid all the time, never settling and never standing still. The colour blends are incredible too – of course there is indigo, lilac and purple but we also get mauve and gold and grey and silver and all manner of smokey disappearing whisps and fronds that run riot at every turn. It is absolutely stunning!

purple, blue and lilac modern art painting
details of Indigo Backdraft by Swarez
purple and blue art in a modern dining room
close up of fluid purple and pink paint

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