yellow painting

A yellow abstract art painting with hints of melon and grey

Simple flowing shapes, an elegant flowing form and bright sunny colours – what’s not to like?
180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


melon yellow paint and grey
Clarity artwork by Swarez
abstract painting by Swarez called Clarity

Creating yellow abstract art

The last yellow abstract art painting I did was called Noble Samurai and that was quite a few years ago, so I don’t tend to do these very often. I should do really because I love the colour and its companions.

Yellow is an amazing colour. I won’t delve too far in to why I think that is and I’m sure you have your own opinion, but I do like it a lot.

I choose to put it in to some of my work as hint or accent but seldom do I ever commit to the colour like this. In fact it’s pretty much a study of yellow with the softest hints of grey to add a little balance.

Creating the shape

Let me just say that the inclusion of a light grey here is what gives the painting its substance and depth. As with so many things in life you need light and dark to create balance. Too much yin and not enough yang sends the world into chaos. Balance is critical in everything we do. yellow and grey art

The ovum-style shape was created with a brush, which is unusual for me because I seldom use them. However, I was able to get some nice blending and pop in some clever cell effects around it.

This main grey shape is the focal point of the painting but works even better against the light yellow cloud structure that surrounds it. This in turn is met by a darker, melon yellow which helps you to see both the grey and light yellow whilst bringing a little warmth into the whole thing.

See, everything has its place!

yellow abstract art

Finding its home

You will probably need a fairly large save to put this in to – not because of its size but to get the most out of it. Its light and sunny nature is a real life-giver.

However, a grey feature wall, a dark space or a smaller room will benefit from an all year round ray of sunshine too so don’t be afraid to send me a photo of the space you need to fill and I’ll work my magic with a Photoshop render for you so you can see how magnificent it will look.

This original yellow abstract painting was created with my trusted enamel paints and a number of shades of yellow and a single grey. It’s gentle nature and happy colours are not only joyous and uplifting but they are also rich and beautifully executed.

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