purple and white abstract painting on brick wall

A purple, lilac and white painting full of complex shapes and effects

It’s part flowering meadow and part stellar nursery! Actually it may stir something completely different in you – how cool is that?
250cm x 90cm (98″ x 35″)


purple white abstract art above sofa
black and purple art above console table
lilac art
gold and purple paints

Lilac and purple

Let’s consider these colours for  a moment. They are, by their very nature, calming and grounded. Sure, purple exists in many different tones and evokes emotions from a broad spectrum, but on the whole these two colours are relaxing and offer comfort. lilac paint splatters

Life, then, becomes a whole lot more interesting when you add colours in that contradict and challenge. Part of the experimental processes I undertake are concerned with colour pairing.

It’s the best way to learn – put things together and if you like it you go with it. Colour is such a personal thing and you don’t need a colour wheel to tell you what works and what doesn’t!

So lilac and purple are the main feature colours here but in to that goes black, blue, gold, white and a cameo appearance from pink.

Putting the ideas together

I love all things cosmological. Space, stars, planets and all manner of celestial wonders. So it’s no surprise I should want to make a galaxy or relate the techniques to something in the heavens. purple and black paint speckles

It’s to this end that the painting was split in to two main parts. We have a base layer which comprises of dark blues and black (even raw pigment in places) plus a generous dose of white for good measure.

After a couple of weeks I began the top layers that form the complex structures. Through the lilac splatters you can see purple and black paint speckles and deep rich chasms of blue. It’s a real rollercoaster ride of light and dark and effervesces life at every turn.

I liken to an adrenaline rush on canvas. So the name Thrillseeker seemed entirely appropriate.

large purple and white painting called Thrillseeker


It’s worth noting the high and low points on this painting too. Okay, so most paintings with layers will have some kind of depth and texture but on this particular piece it has some every interesting effects. close up of Thrillseeker painting textures

You tend to notice these high and low pints when stood under a spotlight but you can happily see them with a source of natural light also.

I can’t really explain what that feels like so you’d have to stand close to it to get what i mean but the results of multiple paint layering and alterations to the curing process have resulted in some beautiful forms and surfaces.

Gold, gold gold!

What can I say about a sparkling, iridescent metallic gold that the mind can’t already conceive? It’s gorgeous. It’s rich and it catches light ion the most glorious way. There’s just enough to keep things buoyant but not too much that it becomes overwhelming.

For me it’s the star of the show…

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