large colorful art on a wall

is a stunning colorful abstract full of incredible movements and details

200cm x 90cm (78″ x 35″)


details of Atlantis painting by Swarez
multi color abstract art
green and orange paint details

A sea of color

Atlantis is a large, rectangular painting created with a series of breathtaking bold colors. Interestingly though, that initial selection has been carefully blended in places to produce some fantastic tonal changes. So, for example, you don’t just get purple – you get all kinds of purple variations scattered throughout the canvas surface.

The same goes with all the other colours too in some degree or another. The whole painting is awash with gentle cascades of colour that melt into one another; it’s a marvel to stand in front of.


Then there are the textures – something it’s very difficult to convey with a photograph. As I move paint around with various tools (more on that shortly) I am able to build up high points of paint that become larger in volume that the others around it. This in turn catches light an reflects it in a different way to the lower points it sits next to.

Additionally, the reverse is also true where paint sits lower (thinner) than the high peaks; this serves as a significant contrast in paint finishes as light moves around the surface. So not only do you get a magnificent, colorful original to be captivated by with colour and shape, you also get the playfulness of light changes and you move around it.

Atlantis big art by Swarez

Tools and things

I created this original painting with a series of flat scrapers – made for me by my colleague Adrian. The main one was flat, flexible steel blade that I use to flatten paint with some downwards pressure whilst being able to drag the paint as I pull back on it and move it around with my hands. This blade measures around 24 inches long so it’s a decent size to get a decent surface are of paint moved with a single swipe.

I also used a smaller version as well as some very small; plastic grout spreaders. The net result of these flat spreading tools is Atlantis and it’s the very first time I have used a spreader as large as this one so it’s new venture for me in terms of applying paint. I have to say though that it came out exceptionally well and i am thrilled with it. So much so I have gone on to paint another two since this one and am looking forward to posting those on the site soon.

pink and green paint on canvas
blue sofa with large colorful art
blue enamel paint
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