Autumn in Vancouver

pastel abstract painting

‘Autumn in Vancouver’
is a subtle and infinitely engaging painting with a myriad of tiny details

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


details of abstract art
large open space with art on the wall
details of Autumn in Vancouver by Swarez

A challenging beginning

Autumn in Vancouver is a square abstract painting created with enamel paints. The process for creating it was quite long winded and pretty exhausting to be honest and if you’d like to see what I mean by that then be sure to go and watch the video on how this was created.

Essentially, you’ll see me trying to rotate a large 170cm square of polycarbonate sheet by hand! And it dread to think how much paint I put on this but I assure you there was a lot!

Anyway, that aside, what we have here is something quite unexpected. It’s rare I get something as subtle and at the same dramatic, so as it was curing I kept a close eye on how things were progressing and I must say that when i first took it from the curing room and hung it in natural light I got very excited.

Revealing itself

This painting is quite a shift away from the things I normally do and I think that has much to do with the palette of subtle colours that have formed. The continual layering of paint upon paint has given way to a fusion of tones that I have not seen before and for that reason it’s become quite the talking point for those who have visited the gallery.

Its effect on you grows; that first encounter is really just a starting point. It’s only really when you get to stand in front of it and marvel at the infinite tiny details that you realise this is something quite extraordinary.

There are so many tonal variations that I could spend the rest of the day trying to write down all the colours they form – so let’s just say that there’s just about everything in here somewhere, albeit in some very subtle and charismatic forms.

Autumn in Vancouver by Swarez Art

Living with it

If you want the joy of owning a big original abstract but are worried about all the razzmatazz that can potentially go with it then consider this painting. It’s bold enough to make you feel great as walk past it but never to shouty that it wrestles you to the floor.

It will be ideal in a spot where natural light can illuminate it and is very happy with the sun beating down on it all day. The copper, metallic gold and rust colours give it a very earthy and grounded feel whilst the delicate sequences of pale lime and blue let it float off into the ether.

As it’s a square you could hang it in any one of four orientations (8 if you include the diamond positions) so its personality can change with a simple rotate. On one hand you get a mystical kingdom then all of a sudden you get the depths of an ocean trench (well that’s how it talks back to me anyway!).

details of abstract art
blue and maroon painting
details of Autumn in Vancouver by Swarez