Long blue stripes and lines art


Blue. Like the skies and oceans. Green. Like the forests and plants. Lines. Like the regularity of order. Three combinations I have wanted to use for a long time. Nature has a very ordered way it goes about its business and so did I in the creation of this new painting.

Let’s make one thing clear though – this is hand-painted without the use of straight edges, tape or fancy tools. The lines I have created are all straight and all true to their neighbours. What’s really cool is that they also appear to dissolve as you move closer in. You can clearly see they are hand painted up-close but not from a distance. This is wholly deliberate on my part.

The reason? Simple. Artificially made lines are as disconnected from what happens in the real world as it’s possible to be (using man-made tools and equipment). For this piece I wanted to paint with no help from anything but natural things: my arms, my patience and my skills. And like humans themselves, it’s not perfect. There are ripples here and there, the odd glob of debris (technical term) and other signs that this is most definitely crafted lovingly by my hands and nothing else. I could have used masking tape but that’s easy, or hung it up and repeatedly thrown paint at it until it eventually looked like straight lines. But I didn’t – I chose a much more difficult but infinitely more rewarding method. Me.

The addition of subtle purples and a deep metallic blue (one of my signature colours) give gravity to the painting whilst the stripes of green and infinite versions of an aqua-turquoise blue bring space and light to the layers. It’s also very shiny and reflects light beautifully. If you’ve got a neutral colour scheme or you love things that grow then this could be right up your street.