Skyfall is a large modern art painting in blue, orange, black and white enamel paints.

Yes it’s inspired by the James Bond movie Skyfall; yes it’s every bit as spectacular and yes, it’s big – at a shade over 10 feet wide it’s one of the most detailed and exacting paintings I have ever done.

Skyfall is one of those rare large modern art paintings that works on every level and at every viewing distance. Overall the painting features four main dark columns and an equal number of opposing light ones. A bit like James Bond on one side and the villain on the other. This all gets mixed up with overlaid colours and patterns and twisting shapes that are sometimes heavy and sometimes light – rather like the characters in the film that weave in and out of their own sub-plots.

A pin sharp gloss coating really lights up this piece but it’s the detail that makes this large modern art painting all the more astonishing. Look at some of the close up shots to see what I mean. It doesn’t matter how far in you stick your nose there’s intricate patternation in the minutest of areas.

His cool, shaken-not-stirred colours are confident and strong  but there is more than a hint of trouble in there. A little bit dark in places too. Part of the complex contradictions we have become used to seeing in the later incarnations of 007.

Skyfall is an original large format painting ; painted in enamel paints onto a flat piece of Belgian canvas then coated three times with primer. When dry he was stretched around a seasoned timber frame made from Dutch hardwoods (via sustainable forestry) with all staples on the reverse.