Red Dawn

abstract painting with red black and yellow colours

‘Red Dawn’
is a sensational artwork with stunning colours and forms

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


details of abstract art
square abstract painting with yellow and black
copper enamel paint cells

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What a painting!

This incredible painting has very quickly become one of my favourites from recent years. I’m not sure if it’s the colours or the spectacular forms that grab me the most, but whatever it is it works for me on every level.

It was created during one of my epic live stream broadcasts (coming from the studio every Wednesday) and was done on a brand new, 2-axis rotating platform – the only one if the world I may add! You really should go and watch this painting being created here.

This unique piece of equipment was designed and constructed in-house and this is the second painting to be done on it. To be fair, we are only just beginning to explore the capabilities of the process and are still getting used to the different forces and motions this ‘machine’ has to offer.

New colours, new paints

One of the most apparent things must surely be the colours. For the first time I am using a brand new copper, silver and gold in this piece and they are absolutely incredible! Just look at some of the cell effects and the shapes I have created with them.

Thick, dense metallic that bounce light around in spectacular fashion but also have a hidden dimension to them as they cure. In certain parts of the painting it really looks 3D. They are amazing and I shall be using them a lot more often.

Then, there are the other colour choice. A piercing red darts through the centre with no apologies then gets tempered by a rich black, bright yellow and all kinds of complimentary tones.

Red Dawn contemporary painting by Swarez Art


Then there is the detailing. Even I am quite taken aback by the level of detail that this painting has. When I was being painted I could see paint reacting in front of my eyes; it was amazing to watch it form organically. But the real magic happened later on as the paint levelled out and began to enter the early curing stages.

When it was dry enough to remove from the base that I painted it on I took it into the back room to have a proper look at it. I was utterly transfixed by it. There are so many highlights I could write a book about it!

Perhaps you should come to the gallery and see for yourself? Or I can come out to you instead. If you’re interested, drop me a line using the form below.

grey and yellow art
square art on a turquoise wall
red and black paint shapes

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