Eye of the Tiger

very large black and gold painting

‘Eye of the Tiger’
is a massive black, white and gold painting with incredible details and a huge presence

275cm x 160cm (108″ x 63″)


details of black and gold paint
big black and gold art on a wall
Eye of the Tiger close up view

Big is best!

Eye of the Tiger is a very large abstract painting created with black, gold and white paints. Did I mention it was large? It is, and wherever it hangs it’s going to need a lot of wall space and room to breathe.

The entire painting is a jaw-dropping collection of intricate details that all form together to create this magnificent artwork. Imagine a thousand tiny rivers all joining together, or a mountain range that goes on for thousands of miles.

Whatever this says to you there’s no denying its presence and power.

The near and the far

One of the most compelling things about the way I paint is the changes you see from different viewing angles and distances. I work very hard in creating work that engages and enthralls and the larger you get the more pronounced you can be with that concept.

However, the challenges become greater when you reduce the amount of colours you use so it’s kind of a double-edged sword in many respects. There has to be enough to look at from the other side of the room and yet still be subtle enough to melt into when you’re sat underneath it.

huge black, white and gold abstract painting

Crypto and NFT’s

This painting is also a landmark one for two reasons. It’s the first one I have done that’s like Mother of Pearl (a signature piece I created a few years ago that was a break through for this kind of style) and it’s the first that I have that’s available as crypto art (NFT).

You can learn more about NFT’s here  – here you will find 10 pieces of it available as a digital file. They are all one of one and available now.

details of black and gold paint
gold and black art above a gold sofa
Eye of the Tiger close up view