Quantum Fusion

gold sofa with orange and gold art above

‘Quantum Fusion’
is a fiery burst of energy with incredible colours and shapes

250cm x 100cm (98″ x 39″)


close-up of abstract art with gold paint
large orange art in open plan space
close-up of abstract art with gold paint

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From small things…

Quantum Fusion is a large rectangular original painting featuring orange and gold as the main colours with accents of red, blue, yellow and teal. As the name would suggest it has its inspiration set amongst the smallest building blocks in the universe – the things that lead to the big stuff like cosmic bangs and new galaxies.

This all begins with the tiny particles that make up everything and the strange world they inhabit. From quarks to muons and bosons to Freons – these elemental particles lie at the heart of the most spectacular phenomenon in the universe. So it’s only natural that my work is influenced by them at some point. in this painting I am celebrating the power of these forces that combine when particles smash into each other.

Take a closer look

All my paintings are detailed and this is no exception. A closer look at the four detailed images that accompany this text reveals a world within a world – much in the way that our understanding of quantum physics plays out in the real world.

In some places you almost need a microscope to see what’s going on it’s that involved. In many ways that’s one of the advantages of using the paints and chemicals I do. I have the ability to create this level of detail and in this painting I made sure I went for it! The results are extraordinary, especially where the gold hits the canvas in carefully applied seams and rivers. These have an amazing ability to catch and reflect light in ways that the other colours can’t – it’s an incredible thing to experience.

large orange and white painting

Where to hang it

Thanks to its long, rectangular shape Quantum Fusion will hang happily above a sofa. It can also be a feature in a dining room or could even be hung vertically in a stairwell or double height entrance space.

The colours are bright but not overpowering whilst the shapes are full of life and energy and sure to spark a conversation with anyone who sees it. Its detailing is exceptional and will provide a lifetime of discovery and engagement whilst the overall presence of it will never fail to lift your pulse and you spirits each time you walk past it.

details of red and orange painting
large modern art in a dining room
details of red and orange painting

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