Over The Moon

rainbow large art

‘Over The Moon’
is a large multi-coloured abstract painting

225cm x 130cm (89″ x 51″)


rainbow painting above sofa
tall rainbow painting
details of pink and blue paints

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Literally over the moon

This joyous, large scale, multi coloured rainbow painting was created during one of my live stream broadcasts live over the internet in January 2020. And I am absolutely Over The Moon with it for a whole host of different reasons.

I used ,what can only be described as, a giant rotating barrel that was hand built by Adrian. It was specifically made for this one painting and has not been used since. That’s the lengths we will go to to try something new.

You can see the whole live painting stream here and I do urge you to sit back and watch as its creation goes from cut canvas to being on a wall for the room shots. Please do catch a glimpse of the video because it’s unlike anything you’ll ever see.

Details and small things

The detailing is surprisingly intense for what would outwardly appear to be a load of horizontal lines (which of course it is at its heart). I have attempted to capture some of these in the close up photographs on the page but still, you really have to see this to appreciate it and all its ridiculous depth and colour.

On which note I also need to point out that it does look like a giant rainbow has spread itself out on the canvas. I really enjoy using many different colours on the same painting and I can think of no better way to express that than in a series of repeating horizons.

Over The Moon by Swarez Art

Placing and hanging the painting

Let’s be realistic here – you are definitely going to need a big wall. Moreover than that you will also need plenty of space around it. the colour choices make it an absolute hoot of happiness and light but it does need room to breathe.

Not too much furniture, natural lights and a bright cheery space is what this needs.

I think it works best hung horizontally but you could hang it vertically if you have the space and like to have a challenge.

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