Leap of Faith

Square orange painting

An abstract square painting in pink, orange and purple colours

A brand new blend of my trusty enamel paints have been used for the first time. The first major revision in three years. And it’s beyond what I had planned. When everything fits into place the special things happen.


You pick the art, we bring the gallery.
That’s right, you can stay at home, sit on the sofa and let the art come to you.
Pick as many as you want to see and only pay if you decide to buy.


  • Canvas: Scandinavian cotton coarse weave; 365 gsm (11.60z)
  • Primer: Two coats of Gesso applied
  • Base Coats: Not applied to this piece
  • Paint: Enamel paint (4 colours) made to my own recipe
  • Frame: 44mm Museum graded floating frame with 8 tensioning corner wedges


This short film of mine celebrates the art of pouring paint.

Pouring paint from a pot