High Voltage

High Voltage

A generously sized original artwork in red, black and silver paint

This is the second ‘starburst’ style painting to be created; featuring a central shape that extends outwards. I’m using an all-new technique combined with some very interesting tonal blends.
180cm x 140cm (71″ x 52″)


A Spider-like large painting
Red, silver and black paints on canvas
A painting called High Voltage


It’s fair to say that this was not the painting I had in mind when I began to apply the base coats. What was planned out in my head was not what ultimately translated onto the canvas. And for that I am very grateful because I am infinitely happier with the direction I went in than the one I had conceived previously.

The reason for this was a freak reaction with one of the paints I was using. Unknowingly the silver had become contaminated with something that caused it to change its properties. Although I have no idea what that was I do know that I was able to do something with it that I have never done before and that’s to bend it into small arcs that layer on top of one another.Red, black and grey painting behind a large chair

That may seem like a small point on such a large canvas but the decision to apply trace amounts of silver to other colours has allowed me to do the same with some of the other applications. And it’s in this layering that the real magic of this contemporary painting comes alive.

You get the big central red star shape to look at but then as you move in you get colours that pop out at you in abundance; move in closer still and the details of the arcs and layers becomes more evident. I love, love, love this painting. It delivers on a varied and surprising number of levels. I like it when something reveals itself the more time you spend with it. This is the kind of care and attention I place within my work. I think you notice that when it’s done properly.

Trust me, I am working at my craft as hard as I can to push into new places. This is one of those high-points amongst all the failures, badly conducted experiments and those long, dark days when I feel I cannot go on. Perseverance will always come through. Sometimes it’s not the amount of brick walls we come up against that matters it’s how many we chose to break down that counts.

I have to break down a lot.

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