Here Comes the Sun

red black and yellow modern painting in open plan living space

A mid sized yellow and red abstract art painting with bold shapes and colours

150cm x 120cm (59″ x 47″)


Black orange and red painting on a wall above sofa
yellow and red abstract art
Here Comes The Sun painting by Swarez Art

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Here comes the sun

In this red and yellow abstract artwork there’s lots of reasons to feel joyful. Not least because of the radiating swell of form that gets enveloped in rich and powerful colours like black, red and orange.

The entire painting was conceived from a single desire to put these magnificent colours together and to really explore the tensions and majesty they induce. I feel a great warmth coming from the centre too.

Putting the elements together

For you to fully appreciate this I needed to be very careful where I placed the darker, stronger colours. To that end I created a big swell of black on one side and then lifted everything else from that. It features elsewhere of course but that’s only as a highlight. The darkness really does let everything else shine through.

Furthermore, the principle of contrasting light and dark is continued right across the painting; the darker colours I just mentioned also need to be shown off so they in turn need something light to be set against. This is where yellow and red come into play.

Yellow is quite clearly the dominant force there, but it’s very subtly broken up not only by its directional changes but also by the inclusion of other colours that run trough its seams. Here we have orange and a very tiny hint of green at work. Marvellous!


Techniques used

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that can create the biggest headaches. In order to make something look effortless there’s usually a mountain of effort, sweat and practice that lies beneath it.

And so, it is with some of my more demanding works of art. I can do minimal sweeps and blends with relative ease because I am so well practiced at it now. But creating so much detail, drama and intensity in my layers can often be a challenge for me and the need to let the shapes and colours speak for themselves can be a massive struggle.

In order to do that then I need to consider my decisions very carefully. What colour and shade, how far to take it, where to drag it, how to blend it, when to stop and when to start. The decision list on even the smallest of applications can be frustratingly long.

In this abstract artwork I have mainly used a technique involving syringes and shot glasses for the main colours. I use the glasses to get the pain on to the canvas then use the syringes to suck up and move the paint around. I also use thinners to change the consistencies of the paints relative to what I need them to do and where I need them to go.

The perfect size

I like the dimensions of this painting a lot. It will fit upright in a hallway, catch you on a small feature wall as you walk into a bedroom or greet you with a smile as you breeze past it on a landing or stairwell.

It’s big enough to make you feel that you own a big piece of abstract art but not too large that it smacks your face each time you walk past it. If it did ever do that then at least it’s a happy smack!

orange and red swirling paints on canvas
close up of Here Comes The Sun art
red abstract paint
poured orange paint

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