A long, elegant aqua green minimal painting

She’s a real beauty this one; a gentle and serene abstract that gives you the joy of owning a Swarez without the song and dance.
Carefully placed elements of light and dark, subtle colour blending and a shape that will flatter any room; fabulous.

I am always talking about how you should vocalize and demonstrate your individuality wherever you can. It doesn’t mean you have to be a show-off or egotistical idiot; it means you have belief and courage to stand behind the things you value and hold true. You reflect this every minute of the day.

Interestingly the deployment of some well considered silence can do as much as a lively conversation. Often it’s the things we don’t say that can be the most effective. And it’s that premise that governs the way this painting impacts on the viewer. It may be a pure abstraction of form but it’s also a very restrained piece that uses its size and carefully planned shapes to get the point across.

Which, of course, is that you can be perfectly comfortable living with an elegant understatement; class always shows.

Enjoying a piece of art or sculpture is as much to do with other people’s emotional reactions as it is with your own. Most of us love that kind of thing. There’s a reassurance to be gained from knowing that you didn’t need to go balls out for something wild and crazy. Owning something that’s as clean and refreshing as the sea breeze will cleanse and renew whenever you need it to.

Can’t go wrong with that really. Oh and can I say that it looks bloody great by the way? Not being biased but when the light hits it.. well, you should see for yourself.