Fuzz Universe

black canvas wall art

A grey and black abstract art work with hints of red and gold

I’m really excited about this painting. It embraces light and dark as well as being being beautifully crafted and executed. I think it’s a real show stealer and one of my best.
140cm x 140cm (54″ x 54″)


black and grey art in living space
details of grey and white paint on cnavas
details of Fuzz Universe by Swarez

Using grey and black in art

With Fuzz Universe I have created a vibrant grey and black abstract art work(on canvas) that is as good as anything I have ever created. It’s full of details, packed with contrast, has so many twists and turns you could do with a road map and it’s all painted and finished with the very best of my canvas, paints and timbers. See it for real and you’ll understand why I wax so lyrical about it – it’s every bit as good as I say it is! white and gold paints on canvas

I believe that you should never hide away form using black and grey in anything. I never see these colours as oppressive – I see them as opportunities. They help add so much drama to other tones and shades and of course you can go infinitely crazy with them on their own.

Adding depth

Depth is so important to me. I always try to put in as much as possible wherever I can. When you’re working with a dense black it’s easy as long as you have a decent contrasting colour to go with it.

In this painting the black acts like a gateway to the void; like you could reach out and put your hand through the canvas.I have also taken care to put some blended black tones around the edges as this helps push your eyes towards the main attraction which is that amazing series of paint strokes in the middle.

grey and black abstract art

The use of red and gold

The main focus of this abstract painting is the central white shape. It’s made up of cream and white and has a small seem of gold running alongside it. The gold is a natural light reflector so it adds a beautiful shining element to the piece.

The addition of the reddish pink colour you can see woven into the central element lifts the painting into a warmer place and one that’s not quite so sharp and distant.

Trust me, when you’ve got a piece of art like this on your wall the last thing you want is for it to repel you every time you walk past it – the use of gold and red is the key element in breaking down the barriers of distance. Ultimately these two colours help you engage fully with the painting.


You can live with the power and drama of this painting because it’s very easy on the eye. Sure, it’s dark and it definitely sucks you in but that’s a good thing. It will remind you that you have a pulse each time you walk past it.

And for those of you that care about your interior Feng Shui (I count myself as one!) then rest assured it will not only fill any feature wall magnificently but its predominantly neutral colour palette will look amazing with stone, slate, steel and wood finishes and just about any combination of colours you may have.

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