very large black painting with gold and silver on a wall

is a large abstract created with incredible gold and silver paints

200cm x 180cm (79″ x 71″)


silver and gold paint in a painting
black gold and silver abstract painting
silver and gold paint in a painting

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Letting it all go

Exuberance is a stunning new painting created with black, gold, silver and white paint. Everything about this is on a grand scale. From the volumes of paint to its sheer size, this abstract is all about celebrations.

Its shape could remind you of a champagne cork popping or maybe a giant heart – whatever you take from it you can’t deny that it’s full of energy, movement and an intoxicating undercurrent of excitement. In fact, as you can see in the photos, I can barely contain that within the confines of the canvas.

And that buzz really shows in the final piece because I had an absolute blast creating it! Nothing held back, nothing to fear – just the absolute joy of creating with paint

Getting the layers right

And what a creation! The paint application methods were also very grand and spectacular as you may expect. The first initial splashes were launched across the surface with complete commitment and without worry or fear.

When you reach that state it’s amazing to see what happens. I really did hit something magical when I created this painting and although I am probably the only one who knows that, I do think you can tell if look at it enough.

After the initial splashes were laid down I began applying the more delicate areas of metallic silver and gold – these two colours are what makes the painting and the level of paint density is really quite remarkable.

The volumes I have used have fused with themselves and created a mesmerizing array of deep, chasm-like forms that literally suck you in – it’s an incredible effect!

large black, gold and silver art

Standing in front of it

I could talk about how and why all night but the truth of the matter is how you feel when you stand in front of it. The large scale of the canvas is of course a big help but that only tells some of the story. The sheer breadth of detail you see is nothing short of astonishing and I have no doubt that this will keep revealing itself for many, many years.

Interestingly, I never feel like I am surrounded by darkness when I look at it. The power of the silver and gold is such that I think any colour background would have worked. In this instance though, black was absolutely the right choice. It carries the other colours beautifully and allows them to really show off their lustre and depth.

details of gold and silver art Exuberance
two chairs and large black modern art above
details of gold and silver art Exuberance by Swarez Art

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