Dynamite Bright

square multi coloured abstract painting

‘Dynamite Bright’
is a magnificent multi-coloured artwork with incredible movement and forms

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


amazing bright coloured art
Dynamite Bright by Swarez Art
amazing bright coloured art

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Dynamite Bright is a magnificent multi-coloured painting full of incredible forms and movements and I created it during one of my live painting streams. We do this every Wednesday – you should come and check it out; just tap on the LIVE link in the main menu and that’s it!

Let’s talk movement first. There’s a definite directional flow to the paint which is, essentially, a corner-to-corner affair. On a square canvas (which can be hung in four orientations) this means that you can change the entire dynamic of the painting with a simple rotate.

This moves the flow and the feeling of the piece in some very dramatic ways and I’ve given you a few examples of that in the photos. In one way it feels like a solar storm and yet in another it reminds me of a tropical ocean current! I’m sure that you’ll see it completely differently though!


The next thing to mention is the colour palette. I mean, it’s pretty sensational, isn’t it? Like fire and ice as someone recently said to me. On one hand you get the initial hit when you first see it – all those cool blue and aqua colours suddenly meet the warmth of red, purple and gold.

Yet that only tells half the story. The other side of this painting is what happens when you stand a bit closer. This reveals a world full of amazing details and tonal shifts that can’t easily be described, it’s something you have to see and feel.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all another colour pops out, and another and so on. It never ceases to amaze me what I can do with paint. That’s not a brag but an appreciation of the last 14 years of effort and sacrifice. This is what happens when it all the pieces of a complex puzzle fit together. This is what you get.

large square abstract painting
details of Dynamite Bright by Swarez
brightly coloured art on a wall
details of Dynamite Bright by Swarez

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