Crash Bang Wallop!

colorful art

‘Crash Bang Wallop!’
is a rectangular, colourful abstract art painting

190cm x 60cm (75″ x 24″)


long colourful abstract art
Crash Bang Wallop by Swarez
swirling colourful art

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Colourful abstract art

I believe that we all need colour in our lives. That’s a very sweeping statement of course as we are surrounded by it constantly; my point, however, refers to art as you can imagine. colourful abstract shapes

If we cast aside our desires to create our perfect living spaces for a moment (and by that I mean coordinating our soft furnishings and wall coverings)  we should always look at adorning our world with the things that move us. Things that make us feel warm and safe but also with the things that make us happy and excited.

Art does exactly that, if you can find the right piece.

Creating this artwork

The painting is composed of two main layers – a background and a foreground. For the back I used a washed out version of orange and purple and mixed all that in with a light cream so what you get is a light, airy colour sequence that allows the foreground to shine in all its glory.

And so to the main event of this piece of colourful abstract art – that mesmerizing burst of energy that fills the canvas.

It’s a blend of just six colours (although it feels more like sixteen to me!) and is applied in a very liberal fashion. Its moves and twists and has an insane level of detail to it.

Textures are numerous thanks to the volume of paint I used and you get some really nice high points from the turquoise as this was put on in big dollops. I washed a lot of the hard edges away so that there’s more of a connection between the foreground and backgrond layers. Nonetheless though, this is a real piledriver of a painting despite its relatively small size.

colourful abstract art

What it feels like

To be honest, I don’t know anyone who’s seen this and not had something positive and uplifting to say about it – including a celebrity admirer (who cannot be named) who told me “I love that – I could see that in my home quite happily”… You’ll just need to take my word for that but I assure you it’s genuine!

My focus group adore this painting and I trust their opinion above all others. It’s been a very long time since I absolutely went for it with colours like this. In fact this also is a small milestone for me as I have created this with relatively few colours. I think the last time I did something like this I used around 20 different tins of paint. Shows how far I have come when I can now achieve the same result out of six.

Living with it

Living with a piece of colourful abstract art is a lot easier than you think. It’s not that big actually (190cm x 60cm) so will happily hang on any wall. It doesn’t matter if you have colour in the space or not because this is so far out there that it won’t matter what you’ve done already – this is going to own whatever wall you hang it on!

If you have a neutral scheme and need an injection of happiness then this is an instant win for you. Oh and you can also hang it upright too as i sign my paintings on the reverse so don’t discount that stairwell…

Let’s talk…

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