Back to the Fuchsia
Pink sculpture

‘‘Back to the Fuchsia’’

This is an aluminium hand formed sculpture that’s finished in beautiful rich pink metallic colour.


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Pink metal sculpture
pink metal sculpture
Pink powder coated aluminium
Pink metal sculpture on white table


Yes, it’s pink. Very pink. In fact I had a special coating made for me called ‘Raspberry’ but I don’t recall ever seeing a raspberry looking like this!

Part of the reason for that is the chrome undercoat (a work of art in itself I may add). The coating process is a multi-stage affair requiring the chrome and pink to form the colour effects plus a couple of thin clear coat lacquer applications that are baked after each session. 

The result is a stunning metallic pink finish that contains a tiny iridescent sparkle as the light hits it. It really is gorgeous and I’m not just saying that.

But the colour of this pink sculpture is only half the story. Transforming a dinner plate-sized piece of solid aluminium requires a lot of patience, a rapidly developing skill-base and some brute force.

Through a number of exhaustive processes an ugly, nondescript monolith of dull metal has been turned into an elegant and highly individual slice of outrageousness. How can you not love this? If only for it’s sheer bloody-mindedness. I just couldn’t help but call it Back to the Fuchsia.

This magnificent sculpture is 100% original and entirely hand-made by me. Nothing is cast, moulded or replicated. Includes a signed and hologramed Certificate of Authenticity.

For indoor display only. Worldwide shipping available. Price is inclusive of UK VAT. Please allow 10 – 14 days for delivery.

Weight (kg): 2.1
Size (mm): 770W x 500H x 360D
Material: Aluminium

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