blue and purple art in dining room

A long blue and purple art work with lime green and gold accents

This is a painting of two halves; a delicate and serene background followed by that crescendo of form and colour in the foreground. Bravo!
250cm x 60cm (99″ x 24″)


blue gold purple abstract art
white and blue paint swoops

Twist and shout!

The twisting theme runs through every part of this long original painting. One of the benefits of its long size is that it becomes almost hypnotic as you move along it – the large expanse of canvas allows me to be very carefree and bold without worrying about running out of space.

I’ve used twists and turns on the background and foreground layers and tried to pack in as many directional changes  as I possibly can. The whole point of this painting is to celebrate movement of all kinds. From gentle meanders to crazy tangents. Some go this way and some go that way. It’s all about mixing the serene with the active.

Using layers to create depth

There’s no tricks or secrets here – depth is created through perspective and layering. For abstract art (rather than figurative) it can often be tricky to create depth as there are seldom any points of perspective to anchor to. So for Twisterium I chose to simply split the view into two distinctive parts – a background layer and a foreground layer.

The background is a sequence of blended shapes that flow into each other. It’s also the part of the painting that gives us warmth and approachability. The foreground is, well, the bit where all the craziness happens.

blue and purple art

Start breaking some rules!

I think the best way to fully immerse yourself in the joy of a painting like this is to try to let go your preconceptions of what a panting should be.

We live in such a sterile and pressured world that the ability to go against what we’re expected to do can often take some proper balls. Even if your newly built, architect designed home has been ten years in the making you’ll still have made concessions to what’s allowed and what’s expected of you. We have our  families, friends and local authorities to thank for that.

So the one thing you definitely can do – and on your own terms – is choose the art that reflects the way you want to live. If you choose to do that without care or regard for rules then this should be on your ‘to see’ list.

Mad is good

There’s a big difference between insanity and freedom. Often, however, the lines can be blurred between the two. When the joy and happiness of what you do consumes you then you get Twisterium. It’s only ever a stone’s throw away from being too crazy – that’s one of the great things about creating – you never quite know when you’ll fall over the edge.

This blue and purple art work is an utter joy. it’s completely mad but it’s not reckless or unapproachable. It’s carefree, light and celebrates all the good things. Every flick, turn, twist and blob is uniquely formed from that most happy of places.

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