Terra Nova

large art in open plan space

‘Terra Nova’
is a bright and richly textured painting with gold, orange and yellow colours

250cm x 100cm (98″ x 39″)


textured gold paint on canvas
large orange art called Terra Nova
details of large art called Terra Nova

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The colour combination

Terra Nova is one of those paintings that really grabs your attention. Its mix of bold, bright colours and the arrangement of them into magnificent forms is something to behold when you’re actually stood in front of it.

The combination of orange, gold and yellow sets the tone for this original painting, but it’s the inclusion of aqua green, dark blue, red and the use of white that really brings the depth of it out.

You could almost reach out and put your hand inside it – that’s the effect of the paint layering and the use of textures, where the paint is applied in higher volumes.

The power of gold

I could list so many stand-out features here but for now I will concentrate on just a few. The most thrilling one, for me, is the metallic gold. It’s a colour I have eulogized about so many times before but one that never gets old. Its refractive capabilities go beyond the use of words and pictures and really does become ‘other worldly’ when you move around it.

The combination of changing light conditions and the ability to move your viewing angles results in something extraordinary. And there’s a lot of it in this painting!

large orange and gold art

All things orange!

The next thing I want to mention is orange. I know I’m biased (it is my favourite colour after all!) but in this context it is breath-taking. I don’t know if that’s because of its volume or position on the canvas but whatever the reason it absolutely lights up like a Christmas tree!

It has its own textures and direction and it acts as an anchor point for most of the other applications. In my opinion it’s this colour that carries the whole painting; it is the reason it’s feels so good. This is like having the sun on your wall.

Details galore!

If you look at the impact of this in the photo of the dining room then you’ll understand what I mean. Against a neutral colour palette this just radiates and captivates. I simply cannot think of a better way to crown your refurb off than with a painting like this.

And I haven’t even mentioned the details yet. From tiny cells to intricate rivers, this painting delivers on every level. No matter whether you are up-close or on the other side of the room, you get to enjoy every part of it wherever you are. Terra Nova is perfect for any open plan living space or indeed anywhere you have a wall large enough to hang it.

textured gold paint on canvas
orange and gold art in a dining room
details of large art called Terra Nova