Reach for the Stars


A medium sized abstract featuring orange and blue

I like space and things to do with the sky and such. So no prizes for guessing the inspiration behind this one?
150cm x 100cm (59″ x 39″)


Small blue original painting and a taupe sofa
Blue and orange abstract art close-up

Size doesn’t always matter

Reach For The Stars is a nice manageable size for most walls. I do some slightly smaller paintings from time to time because it’s nice to balance out handling all the big ones. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less detailed or dramatic. In fact I would say that this one in particular has more bang-for-buck than some of the bigger pieces I currently have available.

Deep areas of colour, exquisite detailing and a fluidity that sweeps you away are all in abundance. It’s got some real presence.

So what does it remind you of then?

I’ve gained some interesting feedback from my focus group about their reactions to its appearance. Mermaids, the planet Jupiter, an aquarium, a tropical sunset and a star nursery have all been fed back to me. How cool is that? One painting and a million different ways to interpret it. That’s the absolute win for an abstract – an instant connection and meaning. You don’t have to like or want something to get feedback from it – you can trust the little voice inside to decide that for you.

No, this is all about you and what you want to get from it. I think this artwork is really open and accessible, making it very easy to get on with.


Where the ideas came from

Goodness me – where do I start? Well, throughout our patchy British summer we have had some spectacular sunsets and sunrises. That’s one influence for sure.

Then there’s the growing anticipation for the new James Webb Space Telescope; so much more powerful than Hubble this is hopefully going to give us a glimpse into the very far reaches of the universe, back when interstellar nurseries were forming and where galaxies grew. All good stuff!

Hanging and placing

The pictures show this painting hanging in a landscape format but I’ve also had it hanging in portrait mode and it looks fantastic. So perhaps this could also suit where there’s a tall space that needs filling.

I’ve sat it in between two radiators and it looks great, it’s been tried in a stairwell where it lifts the space tremendously and I’ve even had it in a bathroom opposite a large mirror and that looked epic! So it’s incredibly versatile and could be at home where there’s a desire to bring some of the magnificence of the outside inside.

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