black and white abstract art

An exceptional black and white abstract painting with gold accents and insane detailing

The combination of black and white paints give me an infinite array of ideas and outcomes. In this painting we’re talking volcanic ash clouds.
150cm x 120cm (59″ x 47″)


Pyroclastic by Swarez
gold and black paint details
paint flows

This black and white abstract painting…

… is utterly mesmerizing. If you’re looking for an original abstract artwork that delivers on a far away and up close level then this is it. If you’re looking for black and white as your theme then look no further. black and white paint

Yes, it’s quite a harsh piece and no, it won’t wrap you up in a hug and pretend it’s a unicorn. What it is is an individual and highly stylized painting that concentrates on focusing the power and beauty of volcanic ash clouds (also called Pyroclastic).

The paint is the secret

I am always banging on about my amazing enamel paints. I won’t do it again here but let me reassure that no-one else on the planet has them and I am continually refining them to push the boundaries ever further. When you do you get to be able to do this sort of thing with them.

The paint flows are insane. The contrast between black and white paint is really quite remarkable. And in order to balance this out I have gone for some blending of the two to create a softer range of grey hues.

Dotted amongst it all is a shimmering metallic gold, so if you can get the position of this painting right you’ll also see the seems of it as the light catches it. It really is utterly captivating – but you gotta like black and white and you have to like abstract art to get it.


abstract painting called Pyroclastic by Swarez

Paint effects

Oh dear god, where do I start? Well, have a glance at some of the close up details and you’ll get a flavour for what I’m talking about. black and white paint on canvas

Once again I have used my syringes and needles (non-hypodermic I may add) to put in some of the more detailed paint flows and rivers. These are an essential tool in my arsenal and although they’re fiddly and a total ball-ache to use I like them as they give me pin-point accuracy with the direction and structure of my paint flows.

Volcanoes and stuff

I am fascinated by them. There’s something so primordial about them. To think that our earth is still moving and shaping itself is a wonder that will never cease. I have mentioned this subject in other paintings (Flank Eruption and Distal Margins to name but two) and there are still more subjects and nuances to be explored and committed to canvas.

So for those of you who think that creating abstracts without thought, intent or subject matter is the way forward then think again. Something really good and memorable needs some substance behind it.

Pyroclastic is a black and white abstract painting created with black, white and gold enamel paints on canvas. Size information is at the top of the page. Be kind to yourself – if this sparks interest in your brain (and your heart) then call me today. Life is way too short to give a crap about money. Live for now, you’ll be dead soon.


rectangular original abstract painting

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