A long abstract painting with dark moody colours

Simplicity is often the most powerful tool an artist can use; forcing you to come to your own conclusions about art. For me this original canvas is deep, tempestuous and moody. Like having a mysterious friend lurking in the shadows behind you.

Part of the depth of this painting comes from the clever use of paint colours and layering. The darkness of the background (a painting in its own right) has allowed me to playfully conceive a selection of deep and subtle shapes that bend and twist in all directions. Never too heavy though and never too overpowering.

The classic combination of red and black is tempered by the introduction of  purple, white and dusky apricot. The overlaying shapes are simple from a distance but infinitely more complex the closer you get in. Definitely a painting to stamp your authority with.

I’m having great fun with the dark and light concepts at the moment. Phat Daddy may not strike you in the face with shocking colours – I think it’s more subtle and understated than that. What it does do so well is challenge anyone who looks at it.