Nine Below Zero

blue black and white modern art by dining table

‘Nine Below Zero’
is a bold and captivating contemporary painting created with blue, black and white.

200cm x 190cm (79″ x 75″)


Nine Below Zero large art by Swarez
blue black and white abstract art
blue coloured paint cells

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The what and the why

Nine Below Zero is a large-scale modern art painting created with a series of deep blue and black colours. Added to that is a whisp of maroon and white.

The power of this painting is extraordinary. One one hand you get the sheer depth of the black and blue layers that draws your eyes towards the centre, only to be spectacularly dispersed in all directions by the explosion of white that radiates from the centre.

One of the reasons you get such an overwhelming sensory experience from this is it’s size. As you stand in front of it you can’t help but get immersed in it completely. That may sound rather grandiose but it’s the only way I can describe it.

Details and finish

And it’s this position that really opens up the painting. From here you get to see the incredible paint cell structures I have created. They are everywhere and populate many of the outlying areas. These delicate features suggest an almost ethereal quality to the piece and are complete polar opposites to the depth and finality of the black and blue background.

The painting has a high gloss finish and bounces light around in some spectacular and unexpected ways. It has textures, craters, rivers and valleys and is every bit as wonderful as I say it is!

A painting like this needs the right place to hang. So having a reasonably large space to fill is essential as this will need room to breathe. Finding out how it may fit is easy as I do a free rendering service; send me a photo of our space and I’ll pop it into your room virtually – see the button below for more details.

original art by Swarez called Nine Below Zero
details of blue black and white abstract art
large format abstract painting on a wall
paint cells

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