Neptune 5

Turquoise and purple art hanging above a beige fabric sofa

A big painting featuring turquoise and purple with beautiful flowing loops

Bring calm and peace to almost any space with a deep and delicious painting full of aqua and blue and turquoise and purple.
Perfect for bringing warmth and soul into a big open space.
250cm x 80cm (98″ x 31″)


Blue green painting called Neptune 5 hanging in a white dining room
Blue and turquoise modern art
Pink and blue loops of paint


It can be difficult sometimes to find a place of calm in the world these days. So many pressures, commitments and expectations whizzing around. I have them too. So now and again I like to imagine a less cluttered existence; a place where noise is kept  to a delicate rumble in the distance, the pace is slowed and the feeling of well-being is elevated.

If that place exists for you then you’ve probably made sure you’ve surrounded yourself with the things that promote harmony, relaxation and peace. Good for you. Nicely done! If you haven’t got round to creating that yet though you can help bring about some much-needed change with an original artwork like this one.

And here’s why I think so.

Colours and shapes

Colours have long been known for altering the way we feel. You probably already know that red means stop and green means trust etc. That’s a great way to help define colour for us humans.

With that in mind then we also know that purple is a grounded colour that promotes calm and well-being. It’s contemplative, relaxing and healing. This is why it’s a popular colour for holistic practitioners. Turquoise carries similar properties but also subconsciously links us back to the womb (that’s what I read OK!).

Shapes like circles, curves, ovals, loops and arcs allow our minds to wander gently and encourage feelings of restfulness and completion. They slow our brains down and let us define the areas that surround them far better than angles do. It’s also been scientifically proven that our brains are hard-wired to respond to this kind of shape more than any other. It’s not taste – it’s how we are made. Of course you may disagree; this should all be taken in context and that’s a good thing. But we still like soft shapes and we will definitely have a reaction to them.

Having said that I also love lines! Oh dear…

Paint shoowshes on an aqua and turquoise base

Combining the two

Putting the right shapes and the right colours together can make for a very potent combination. It’s what I do in almost all of my paintings to be honest. That’s the two elements I use. Colour and shape. For Neptune 5 I have used those to create a laid-back, calming original painting that will help transform even the busiest space into a more informal and relaxing one. And because it’s quite a big piece it owns the wall it’s hung on. There’s no missing this as you walk into a room. And that’s exactly how it should be.

It’s telling you to stop, take a breath and calm down.

I really don’t think that’s a bad thing these days. Do you?

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