long orange and red painting above dining table

is a long rectangular painting filled with deep, rich color and mind-blowing details

300cm x 80cm (118″ x 31″)


details of paint shapes on canvas
original orange art and dining table
close up view of California Dreaming art by Swarez

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Incredible colours, mesmerising forms

Mirages is a long, rectangular modern art painting that follows a fluid-style of paint manipulation. If you are a fan of all things orange and red (like me) then this painting is really going to hit the sweet spot!

It was created flat on the floor and worked on through a full 360°. This allows me to get a unique perspective from all sides and angles and allow me to work around the canvas. There are so many highlights to this piece that I almost don’t know where to begin.

Most notable has to be the colour choices. The combination of red and orange is always high up on my list but, used in isolation, can be overpowering and heavy very quickly, The trick here is to use them in an uplifting and vibrant way without becoming oppressive or difficult. Finding a balance between the two can often be challenging.

However, when it all goes well, you get Mirages. And that is further complimented by small accents of turquoise, lime green, white, marron and purple.

River and flows

The next thing you will notice is the movement of the paints. It is rare that I get such long, uninterrupted rivers in my work so you can image how pleased I was to get some epic ones in here. The main flow through the center is one of the longest continual ones I have ever done. In fact, it carries the whole painting from one side to the other and always makes it feel longer than it is  – and it’s pretty long anyway!

Then, as you dig deeper, you’ll notice tiny cells appearing. There’s a very delicate side to this painting that can only really be seen as you move in closer. This opens up a whole new world of detail and one that needs to be experienced with your won eyes. I have included some close up shots on this page to give you an idea of what I mean.

very large red green and orange original abstract art

Hanging the painting

To hang this artwork you’ll need plenty of space. Having said that, you’d be surprised at how accommodating this feels in a smaller space. The light and carefree nature of it actually expands the room it hangs in rather than fill it to the point of suffocation. Its the perfect way to open up any space.

Any dining room would benefit from receiving it on the wall. Can you imagine the conversation that would be started as you sit down with friends? Equally, I could see this behind a sofa in a reasonable sixed living room or open plan space. The colours are surprisingly relaxed and have the ability to work almost any colour schemes.

details of red and turquoise paint
big modern art painting in family room
California Dreaming close up from Swarez
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