Lift Me Higher

colourful art above console table

‘Lift Me Higher’
is an uplifting painting full of rich, bright colours

120cm x 80cm (47″x 32″)


details of Lift Me Higher art by Swarez
Lift Me Higher art by Swarez
details of Lift Me Higher art by Swarez

Bring on the colour!

Lift Me Higher is a bold, bright and beautiful example of how to put all the major colour groups together in one, seamless fusion of uplifting happiness! It’s a mid-sized, colourful abstract painting created with my amazing enamel paints. When the canvas is finished I then stretch it, by hand, around the frame so you never get any odd edges – the entire painting wraps around the frame so that it continues around the sides.

I created the painting in a very unusual and one that’s actually quite complicated to pull apart and explain. So let me summarize in saying that I never actually touched the canvas or directly painted onto it. Instead I used a system of pouring onto a machine that, in turn, deposits paint onto canvas. It’s very clever, very labour intensive but visually spectacular to look at – in the same way that the end result (this painting) is equally impactful on the eyes.

Lifting the spirit

The last thing I ever try to do with my work is promote a singular or fixed way of interpreting it. That should always be uniquely your won. It’s your part of the story to complete on your own terms. But, inevitably, I am drawn to an underlying swell of emotion that seems to be shared unanimously among those who have seen this painting and that’s one of feeling uplifted.

That’s the second time I have use that word and for good reason. I guess if you’re not significantly lightened in mood when you look at this then it’s not for you. And that’s okay – we are all different. When you consider the colours, and the cascading nature of how they are arranged with each other, I feel lifted. It’s as simple as that.

it’s not a cheesy rainbow or dusted with unicorns so let’s not fall into the realms of fantasy here – what this painting is is a magnificent and unashamed leap into the light; a place where you can smell the fresh air on a bright summer day and leave all the stresses of life behind you for as long as you choose. Tell me that’s a not a good enough reason to own it?

small multi coloured rainbow art
corner of colourful bright painting
rainbow coloured small art
corner of colourful bright painting