Galapagos art by Swarez

is a smaller sized original full of incredible details and powerful movements

120cm x 90cm (47″ x 35″)


orange and blue paint on canvas
blue and gold art above a console table
orange and blue paint on canvas

Choosing colours

Galapagos is a magnificent, mid-sized painting full of earthy, elemental tones and shapes. It’s primarily a combination of blue, silver and coper with hints of red, orange and black.

The colours are inspired by rock, stone, earth and sea. So the name is entirely deliberate as I wanted to capture the power of an active landscape and an ever-evolving ecosystem. I’m sure you can pick out your own subject matter and no doubt you’ll have an instant reaction to what it reminds you of. But it’s good to know how it was conceived in my mind nonetheless.

The power of movement

So many stories can be told with movement. Think of a dancer and how their body moves. Classical, contemporary, jazz, ballroom – choose any style and you have something different every time. yet it’s still only a human body at the end of the day.

It’s the same story with paint. Our only limits are what we choose to do with them it’s this fascination that drives artists to explore and experiment and has been since we learned how to communicate on cave walls.

In Galapagos I have focused on white and black to make the most dramatic movements; you may see that as waves crashing against rocks or something completely different. There is a natural swell from the areas of blue that grows in intensity until it meets the silver. This, in turn, is treated to some rather wonderful chemical manipulation. Cells appear then disappear as the paint mixes with others around it. Amazing!

Blue and orange art by Swarez

Textures and details

Then there are the textures. It’s impossible to show those with a camera, despite trying my hardest. It is the action of standing in front of it that reveals the true depth and range of the painting finishes. Even I am taken a aback and I painted it!

But it’s the colours that really take my breath away. We have already mentioned the orange but consider also the piercing lime green that is beautifully broken up by metallic gold.

Then there’s the deep aqua blue that brings the warmth of the oceans with it. And at every stage the painting is warm and organic. It’s exciting yet tranquil, fresh yet familiar. I love the way it ticks so many boxes at the same time.

gold and black paint details
abstract art for a blue wall
gold and black paint details