Inverse Reflections


‘Inverse Reflections’
is a square, original black and white abstract painting

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


black and white contrasting paint colours
original black and white art
black and cream painting details

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Just black and white

 Inverse Reflections is a small(ish) square abstract artwork created with just black and white paints, with a little cream added in places.


Watch this painting being created – forward to 07:30

I began with a base layer that fused some white and cream together then applied two big pours of black and white paint. The mesmerizing finish and paint fusions took place whilst the canvas spinning round at 200rpm on my custom made spin table.

You may already know that I paint in many different styles and with a whole array of unusual techniques. I use machines and tools that weren’t made for painting but am constantly fascinated with how things work and what they can with paint.

To that end, my spin table is one of the most compelling to use and one of the most challenging to conceive new ideas with.

The beautiful and the simple

It is that constant question of “What if…” that drives me to look for new ways of interpreting things I have already done. This is how this, and two other monochromatic paintings, were created – borne of the need to simplify my palette of colour and to push myself to see what I came up with.

The result of this questioning, thought and execution Is one of the most stunning, elegant and beautiful things I have ever created. And I don’t say those words lightly I assure you.

Sometimes, the less we think or contrive the better we are. The purest of thoughts and the simplest of ideas tend to give way to the most sublime and aesthetically pleasing forms one can imagine. So, this painting is created with those principles in mind and has come out in such a spectacular way that I can’t really quantify it past that. It’s almost too much to think about for me.

original square abstract art painting

Details and then some!

The simplicity of colour and shape gives way to a complex synergy of regularity and fractal-like forms. Layers of paint overlap and underpin whilst the edges and fronds are gently intertwined with cream and white from the base layer. The whole thing is a single mass yet exists as series of bewilderingly poetic forms and movements.

Epic just got raised to a whole new level.

Please come and see this or let me bring it to you. It is every bit as good as I say it is. No, wait, it’s better than that even!

square black and white original art
spun black paints
original black and white art

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