Helter Skelter

big colourful art on a wall

‘Helter Skelter’
is a sensational leap into colour and shape, created with a surprising technique!

200cm x 150cm (78″ x 59″)


waves of paint on canvas
giant colourful painting
paint cells on canvas

Waves upon waves

Helter Skelter is a bold and brightly coloured new abstract painting full of stunning details and featuring a very unusual application technique. A quick glance at those waves of paint will tell you that this is unlike anything I have done before and that’s down to the metre long rubber squeegee I used to paint it.

I didn’t use it across the whole of the painting though – instead I chose to be selective in where I used it and then reverting back to other methods as the session progressed. But I think you’ll agree that the effects are astonishing and feel as if the canvas is somehow rippled. It’s a wonderfully engaging illusion that adds to the already mesmerizing nature of the piece.

What a name!

As the name suggests it’s just like riding down a Helter Skelter that we knew as kids. Colour everywhere, round and round and round goes the world in a blur of giddy delight until you reach the bottom where you have a moment to catch your breath before racing back up to do it all over again! Now you can see why the name fits so well!

The wave-like nature of the paint only tells a fraction of the story though. Spend a little more time with it and you reveal tiny worlds within worlds. Cells appear and disappear. More waves rise up and down again in very subtle ways; this is a theme that carries on all the way across the canvas.

I talk about detailing a lot in my work but in this instance I don’t think I can over-emphasize that fact. it really is breathtaking and you need to get your nose right in to fully appreciate how much is packed into every square inch of the canvas.

Helter Skelter modern art by Swarez

Want to see how it was done?

Of course you do! You’ll be very pleased to know that we recorded it’s creation on a live broadcast over on the YouTube Channel. Here you can see exactly how this incredible painting was created.

wavy paint lines on canvas
orange and blue sofa with modern art behind
details of Helter Skelter by swarez Art