Bad Horsie

Turn this painting into landscape orientation and I see a shoreline, rocks and a beach. Turn it through 90° and I see a waterfall.

That’s the really great thing about my abstracts, and especially the lines and stripes paintings – we are always going to see something different each time we look at it. Bad Horsie is no exception. Part of the reason for this is the way I have over-emphasized the differential in line thicknesses over a (relatively) small surface area of canvas.

In a change from some of the recent line works I have played with the uniformity of them in the same application; giving way to a series of shades that transcend their origins and transform into less defined areas as your eye travels across them. I like to play with ideas in a very subtle way sometimes.

The other big hitter in this painting is the use of colour. And I certainly haven’t held back here. I was never going to play safe and use a complimentary palette of tones; the idea was always to make a big noise with such a small painting.

And I think this is where it really shines through – in it’s ability to command a space much larger than it ought to. So it’s going to be great where space is limited but a giant explosion of colour is required.