Arcadian Lowlands

Arcadian Lowlands by Swarez

A beautiful green abstract art painting with contrasting indulgent colours

I haven’t done anything like this since 2011 so imagine my joy when I did? Love the thoughts of rain forests, tropical gardens and breezy summer days
190cm x 130cm (74″ x 51″)


large green art on a wall
lime green paint on canvas
green painted wall art

Nature and all that jazz

I don’t think anyone can be uninspired by the world we live in. This new green abstract art original is an homage to plants and trees and all the bewildering textures, shapes, sights and smells they generate. dark green paint on canvas

From mangrove swamps to Giant Redwoods and from Amazonian rain forests to cottage gardens this is a painting that can transport you anywhere you want to go.

I have all kinds of dark green and light greens in here as well as some amazing metallic gold and purple finishes too. I have also included lime green and blue to complete the palette of amazing colours. Oh and you may also spot some cheeky purples and pinks in there too!

Just enough but not too much

I haven’t held back with my need to abstract out the subject matter either. The last thing I want to is to make something actually look like something because that would make me a figurative painter and I don’t want to do that.

Instead the trick is to suggest the subject just enough but not go too far in to actually representing it. I much prefer to leave the narrative open for you to finish off for yourself – this allows you to react however you want to it. Putting this kind of thought into an abstract painting is not as easy as you might think…

That’s a brilliant concept (in my eyes) because it also means you shape and mould the painting to match the way you feel about it. One day you are in the jungle and the next you might be somewhere else. How awesome is that?

green abstract painting

Paint effects and finishes

Where do I begin? The sheer number of techniques used on this painting makes for a topic on its own. But suffice to say it has enough twists and turns and epic small details to keep you occupied and interested for years and years. details of Arcadian Lowlands

Of note is a new setting compound (used for the first time). This allows me to make the paint react in a way that creates textures by accelerating the cure time by a factor of about ten.

It’s a little tricky to get right and often results in smoke pouring out of the paint (it creates a heat reaction) but it works remarkably well when you get it right. I concentrated mainly on the gold with this particular little trick.

Where to hang this painting

Anywhere! No seriously!

Okay, so ideally it will need a source of natural light if possible but that’s not entirely necessary. These days you can achieve some amazing results with LED bulbs and spotlight fittings. We can advise you on that if you’re in the market for an original abstract painting.

It’s definitely a connection painting too. By that i mean it’s a connection between the inside and outside so it’s like you’re bringing nature on to your walls.

If you have a tiny terrace or low-light room where you don’t get much greenery then consider popping this on your wall along with your indoor plants.

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