A large red and black splash and drip style painting

It’s been a while since I’ve done a painting in this kind of technique. They don’t get done very often. The last one I did was 18 months ago.
Partly because what might look easy is, in fact, rather difficult. And like the title of it indicates, drama is what this piece of art is ll about.

You can play safe all your life or you can go out on a limb a little. For those who choose to see what they are capable of life holds many surprises and its fair share of twists and turns. It’s that great leap into the unknown, that unpredictability that makes for a rich and varied existence.

It doesn’t mean you have to go skydiving, white-water rafting, learn salsa or move to another country. It can take its form in many different ways. Risk, moving forward, doing something you’ve never done before – they are all wrapped up in the same principle. Do whatever you want and keep the memories.

It’s kind of a premise for this painting too, which is why I have decided to talk about it. This is a risky painting, one that refuses to sit on the boundaries of conformity. It’s a release of energy, an explosion, a rebellion and absolutely two fingers up to the rules.

It sends a shiver down the spine of the people in grey suits, the lawmakers, the conformists and people that say ‘No’ a lot.

To me this painting says ‘Yes’, very defiantly and with pride. It will not go quietly into the night, it will not sit down when it wants to stand up, it exists by its own decisions and accepts its own fate.

It is for the individuals, the gamblers, the life-livers, the stay-awakers and the rule-breakers. And if this ends up on your wall you can take great pleasure in telling your friends that they don’t get it because they’re too slow, too boring and too mundane to see that this is about life and all the amazing things it celebrates.

Anyway, now that I’ve calmed down a bit…. The painting is big so it needs a big wall and preferably white (although an off colour like grey could also work well). It’s a dominator so a hallway or entrance would be a good spot; somewhere you can give it the ‘Wow’ factor when you come home at night.

A reminder of all the great things that you are. It is textural too and catches light reflections. I have built the paint up in layers so there is a very tactile side to the piece. It’s also perfect for low-light spaces too.