Aluminium oval sculpture


This is an aluminium hand formed sculpture with a big hole cut out of the middle! A real heavyweight piece, Stargazer poses more questions than it finds answers!


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Aluminium oval sculpture (3)
Silver oval solid metal sculpture (1)
Solid aluminium sculpture called Stargazer
Aluminium oval sculpture (2)


This original sculpture is formed from a solid billet of aluminium after being heated to 540°C. The whole thing was then 3D mapped and, using a high pressure water jet cutting machine, the centre then was cut out.

Finally it was covered in an iridescent metal flake finish. The effect is beautiful and will really come alive if it can be placed near a direct light source (like a window or a spotlight); this will definitely help you get the most from it.

Complete with a hand cut and polished white marble display plinth and an aftercare accessory kit.

All sculptures are 100% original and no two are the same. Nothing is cast, moulded or replicated. Includes a signed and hologramed Certificate of Authenticity.

For indoor display only. Worldwide shipping available. Price is inclusive of UK VAT. Please allow 10 – 14 days for delivery.

Weight (kg): 15
Sculpture size (cm): 50 x 35 x 20
Plinth size (mm): 440 x 220 x 30
Material: Aluminium

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