Welcome to the Machine

original large painting in grey and gold

A large black and white art work with subtle shades of grey

There’s something rather mystical and brooding about this sleeping giant of a painting. Whether it be swirling mists or a rip in space this large original painting carries off its enormous size with a delicate finesse and infinite level of detail.
275cm x 180cm (109″ x 71″)


large grey painting with gold
Welcome to the Machine
black and grey paint on canvas

What this large black and white art is about

Welcome to the Machine is as much about restraint as it is about showing off. Now if that sounds a little contradictory then allow me to explain.

The chances are that most people you know will not have a giant piece of art hanging on their walls. There will be many reasons for that: their walls aren’t big enough, they prefer full length mirrors or they like the concept of console tables against a wall.

Or it could well be that they’re just not that into modern art. If you are though then you’re already in an exclusive club before we start. Good for you. grey and black paints

Reflect your personality

As a means of expression, a large black and white art work can have a massive impact on just about everything. It’s a reminder that you’re unique – an individual, one-of-a-kind and you have the desire to celebrate that. It also is a reflection on your tastes and the things you love about yourself.

And who cares whether that shows itself in flamboyance or restraint; you choose to live life through the things you collect and treasure the most.

This painting, by its very size, is not something you’re going to miss. It’s going to need a lot of wall space and plenty of room to breathe. Wherever it goes it’s going to command an audience. It simply isn’t something you can ignore easily. This is the showing-off bit I was referring to.

Don’t panic!

If that makes you uncomfortable then relax; sure this is BIG (and with that comes a degree of showmanship), but it is perfectly able to power itself through the harshest of observers with a restrained subtlety that belies its hidden depths. detailed view of grey and black paints

For that’s the real secret of this huge original artwork; its subtle details and near-monochromatic range of colour. It’s a very reassured and mature painting that uses its sheer size to convey a rather delicate side to its personality. What can first appear incoherent and unbalanced soon gives way to a rich and elegantly varied study of the very small.

Getting up close

From close up you get a thousand tiny twists and turns; those minute variations of grey and white gently turn into smokey whisps and cloud-like rivers. Stand further away and the stark, deep chasm-like black pierces through the density of the grey mass that surrounds it.

Further away still and hints of gold catch the light as your eye descends from the top, glinting as you move around the forms and structures. And all those beautiful ebb and flows suddenly get broken up by the vertical lines that run through the main body of the canvas. Marvellous.

Although Welcome to the Machine sounds like it should be an oppressive and heavy painting it’s actually quite the opposite in my opinion. I chose the title because it’s one of my favourite Pink Floyd tracks and is predominantly named because of the colours I have used.

Give it a listen and you’ll see why it fits perfectly. I imagine the smoke and dust rising out of the ether when I listen to it (or is that just me?).

To conclude then let me say that this very large painting is going to give you all the ‘wow’ you could want, thanks to its size, but will seamlessly fit into your world without the need to grab you by the throat and shake you each time you walk past it. A perfect combination.

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