Backwater Junction

gold sofa with red purple painting

A rich and textured painting with red and purple as the main colours

Bold lines and shapes define this rich and sumptuous painting.
225cm x 130cm (89″ x 51″)


big art on a landing
red and purple art on a wall
orange purple paints

Red and purple

These are two of my favourite colours (I know, I have many!). I really enjoy working with rich and deep tones and these are among the richest and deepest.

I’ve used two different purple cored and lilac paintlours – both very different to each other. The one in the centre is the dark one as it’s the point at which everything gets drawn to. The other purple is a playful variation with hints of blue and pink in it.

Red is a stock colour that I always use; I’ve had it for a number of years because it’s versatile and bloody gorgeous!

Adding other colours

The supporting cast is equally important as they help to show off the magnificence of red and purple whilst also allowing it to quieten it down a little.

Placing colour is always critical when you’ve got some big players in there. The white elements are perhaps the most critical as these offer us a little relief from the onslaught of red and purple in both the upper and lower parts of the painting.

The drizzled drag of sunset yellow helps add a little warmth whilst the inclusion of a tropical turquoise colour and hints of blue round off the cast of supporting colours.

Backwater Junction by Swarez


Owing to the unique way I apply my very special paints I can create some really interesting textures.

On this abstract painting I have many small areas that either stick out or sink in – allowing you to catch rivers and valleys of paint as you move around it. Lighting plays a key role here and will help you see the textured effects even better if you can pop a couple of spotlights on it!light blue and red paint on canvas

Placing the painting

You will need a big wall for sure. Though I like it hung in landscape I also think it works remarkably well when hung in portrait orientation too. You can see that in one of the photos above.

You’ll  need plenty of white space and a love of purple too! But don’t panic – it’s very easy to see it for real; drop me a line using the Contact Form below. Easy!

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  • Canvas: Polyester 320gsm
  • Preparation: One coat of primer
  • Paints: Enamel paint (8 colours) made to my own recipe
  • Frame: 44mm Museum graded floating frame with 8 tensioning corner wedges.
  • Hand-stretched and stapled on the reverse