Innocence Faded

large abstract orange purple art with sofa

A stunning original large painting with orange and purple metallic paints

It may look like a penguin on a motorbike but that was purely coincedental I assure you!
180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


orange purple painting above sofa
Innocence Faded painting by Swarez
enamel paint cell structures

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Orange and purple

What a combination! I love them and their endless possibilities.

So here we have an original abstract painting comprising of two distinctive layers – a background that’s made up of champagne gold, cream, white and grey and a foreground that’s got orange and purple but also accents of black and white.

I have been told by my focus group that in one orientation it reminds them of a penguin riding a motorcycle – I can see that actually, even though it wasn’t an intentional twist on my part. Mind you I do happen to think that it does look like an orchid when hung in portrait orientation…

Paint flows and movements

The success of the painting is the way paint flows. What’s interesting is that I have got flows to point in towards each other and meet in the centre. If you consider the dynamics of this for a moment then you’ll realise that I need gravity to help me in my quest so if i tilt or angle the canvas then all the paint will flow in one direction.

If I wait for one part to skin over (around six hours) then how will get them all to blend seamlessly? And before you say it, no I haven’t got a double inward slope built in to my studio floor!

Actually it’s compressed air that allows me to manoeuvre paint in this way. Nothing too high tech.

purple metallic paints with orange

Cells and things

I have used a brand new splitting compound on this painting and it has resulted in some truly insane cell like structures in loads of places on the canvas.

I like to experiment with chemicals in my work because it opens up new ideas and potential for me. Besides I also like to challenge myself and see what’s possible.

The metallic purple is especially wonderful and really is the star of the show. It bounces light in all kinds of directions and is utterly mesmerizing. I’ve also got a similar thing going on with the silver that I’ve put in too. Really, you have to see it to believe it.