Electric Circus

big art above a dining table

‘Electric Circus’
is a sensational mix of incredible colours and breath-taking forms

225cm x 100cm (89″ x 39″)


purple and lime green paint on canvas
large colourful abstract painting
abstract paint shapes

Pushing boundaries

Electric Circus is a large, rectangular abstract painting created with a wealth of colours from all corners of the spectrum. I’ve been using a new technique recently that has opened up a world of movement and blending that I never thought possible.

A lot of that is down to the way in which I have revised my enamel paints and the variations I have made at source. This constant evolution has enabled me to develop them over the last 10 years into something rather incredible.

The result of this endeavor is what you see here. The ability to coerce and manipulate paint into doing things it is not designed to do. I like the challenge of that a lot!

Details and finish

All my paintings have detail in them – it one of the core principles of my work. However, recently I have been discovering ways to go even further than that and pack in almost microscopic features that defy belief. This colourful abstract is right up there with the most detail packed artworks I have ever created.

The sheer number of twists and turn is enough to keep your eyes occupied for years, let alone the way in which the paints are blended with each other. I have fused colours into hybrid tones in ways I have not seen before so we are right on that cutting edge of what is possible with paint.

The finish is exemplary. It moves between gloss and matt finishes as the light changes and, coupled with that, you get all the different tonal shifts that go with changing light conditions.

It’s a painting that is always cheerful and bright yet retains an air of mystery and intrigue. I like the fact it has a light and dark side to it.

Electric Circus original Swarez art
details of Electric Circus by Swarez
long colourful art above a sofa
swirls of mixed paint on canvas
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