Dynamic Mass

large contemporary minimal orange painting on a wall

‘Dynamic Mass’
is a large, minimal, contemporary orange art work

160cm x 130cm (63″ x 51″)


minimal orange contemporary art
large minimal orange art
orange enamel paints on canvas

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What is this?

This magnificent minimal contemporary artwork is an arrangement of shapes and forms created with enamel paints on canvas.

The whole painting started out as flat piece of cotton canvas which was given a couple of white paint applications all over. When this had fully cured (around six days) I began the applying orange, purple, red, lime green, silver and black paints.

A one shot deal

The whole ‘art’ of paring back your creativity to a more considered point is always a difficult one for me as I like the freedom of being able to go for it whenever I want and fill up a canvas full of paint.

However, from time to time it does me good to restrain my antics a little. It forces me to become a lot more thoughtful about what I’m doing.

It’s especially tough when you know you’ve essentially got one shot at getting it right. In this painting I was always after a very simple shape – a kind of embryonic form.

The main shape was only ever going to be created from a single swipe of my wrist with a container of paint that I had layered up. There was never going to be a second shot if it all went wrong.

Dynamic-Mass by Swarez

Adding the other stuff

With the main shape formed and settling it was time to turn my attention to the surrounding areas and shapes. On went a series of thinner lines and loops around the main form plus a number of other interesting paint forms ( I don’t have a technical term for these alas!).

What I got as a result of some patience and practice is a painting that certainly challenges but also suggests more about what isn’t there as much as what is.

No point me getting all Freudian here because that’s a conversation for another day, but suffice to say that the negative space (around the paint) is as powerful as the cacophony of orange and the complimentary colours that embrace it.

Minimal compositions always promote feeling and emotions. Which end of the spectrum that sends you too will be entirely personal of course but one thing is for sure – this contemporary painting is not easily ignored.

circles of orange paint
loops of orange and black paint
Dynamic-Mass by Swarez Art

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