‘Heavenly Body’
Original painting

This small abstract painting was created with my beloved enamel paints and features blue and red as its primary colors. Added to this is a rich, velvety purple, a hint of Piaggio green and a few random inclusions of other colours that made their way onto the canvas.

Overall this is a real flight of confidence and a big wave of colors to wash over you each time you look at it. However, the fun doesn’t end there; you’ll also enjoy the obsessive level of detail it possesses and get to experience the magic of it up close if you’re lucky enough to stand in front of it. For me it feels like a trip into space and one where I can drift among the stars for as long as I want.

The mix of purple and blue is the thing I love the most, especially as it sees some really interesting twists and turns.

You may like to know that I recorded the process on one of my live stream broadcasts from the new studio so if you’re interested to see how this was done, check this video out. The canvas is a big one that got separated into smaller pieces – can you spot which part of it I used for this painting? And don’t worry if you’re still a little undecided – I have a selection of Limited Edition Prints available at a fraction of the price of this original.

80cm x 40cm, 45mm deep
Hand signed on the reverse
Ready to hang in any orientation
Enamel paints on canvas
Complete with Authentication paperwork
Worldwide shipping available (calculated at the checkout)

All originals are hand packed by me and come with their own individually cut and measured packaging. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from the point of order.


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