String Theories

large rainbow art in a dining room

‘String Theories’
is a multi-coloured, rectangular abstract full of incredible shapes

300cm x 95cm (118″ x 37″)

£1975 (was £3950)

layered coloured paint shapes
rainbow coloured art
close up of String Theories by Swarez

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The power of paint

String Theories is a magnificent, large colourful painting featuring a series of interlocking loops shapes applied on top of each other. A wide and varied colour selection means the painting is always bright and full of sunshine. It’s just like having a permanent rainbow on your wall – so every time you sit in your dining room or on the sofa (depending on where you hang it) you’re always going to get that hit of happiness.

At 300cm long it’s a real wall filler too, meaning that its presence and impact will always be a constant, no matter where it’s hung. The paints are thick and the textures that result from this are wonderful to look at and touch.

The way light interacts with these paint layers is also highly engaging – the sheer volume of paint has formed some stunning shapes and in particular where the paint curves at the edges. It’s here where shadows and reflections are at their most playful.

Patience is key

You may like to know that this painting has taken a long time to complete. It all began with a base coast on one of my live stream broadcasts that we do every Wednesday, from the paint pod at the studio. That was the 20th of January 2021 and we finally stopped on the 14th of July!

The idea was to add one colour per week until I considered it finished. So you can quickly work out how long it was being worked on – albeit with just one paint application per week. Often I would ask our viewers to suggest a colour for that week so I do consider it an interactive piece too.

That process has given way to a unique finish and look to the painting and quite unlike anything else I have at the moment or have, in fact, done for quiet some time.

It has such a positive impact on your senses. And yes, it’s a cliché to say it’s uplifting and full of positivity but that’s because it actually is! The colour choices and the carefree way in which the loops and swoops are applied have given way to something that is an absolute pleasure to look at, time after time.

String Theories art by Swarez
details of rainbow paint
multi colored paints on art

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