large blue and white painting on a wall

is a large blue and white painting created with enamel paint

180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


portait hanging blue and white abstract art
blue art in a living space
close up of Frozen by Swarez Art

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Of ice and snow

Frozen, as the name implies, is based on thoughts of ice crystals and their formations. With subject matter ranging from snowflakes to ice cubes this new painting encompasses a broad range of inspirations to create a uniquely personal painting that is engaging, involving and deceptively complex.

With a base of gloss black enamel paints Frozen has a series of blue and white tones applied over the top. Careful blending has resulted in some unbelievable textures and details. The are some very subtle additions to this principle – notably in the inclusion of purple.

Using more than blue and white

You can see how this colour interacts with the others in some of the close up photos and it has made a very big difference to the way it feels, especially when you are up close to it.

From a distance it’s a powerful and energising leap into the majesty of nature, all pulled into an abstracted form. Yet it becomes very personal and almost poetic as you move closer into it. The intricate nuances of paint become every clearer as you get closer so it’s a painting that serves on all levels.

large blue and white painting

Stand out highlights

I particularly like the way this painting reminds me of glacial forms and topographical images that you tend to see from NASA satellites and orbiting telescopes.

Blue and white are very expressive when missed together and I have used three types of blue and two shades of white here. The large size of this painting also lends to its dramatic impact and I can see it feeling very at home on a decent sized white wall somewhere, perhaps a large entrance space or stairwell or maybe even a sizable extension or relaxing space.

blue and white painting details on canvas
blue and black paint details
blue and white painting details on canvas

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