Magnetic Fields

blue and orange abstract art on a wall

‘Magnetic Fields’
is an orange and blue abstract art work created with a series of painted circles

140cm x 140cm (55″ x 55″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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circles painting in a large open plan room
turquoise blue paint on canvas
orange and blue paint on canvas

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What is this?

This is a square original abstract painting that’s created using a rotating table and a series of circles (or bands if you prefer) that form the overall structure. We have a central mass followed by a series of continuing circles that spread from the centre outwards.

I am really starting to get in to these circle paintings in a big way. It started with one very similar called Kepler 186 then progressed from there.

This is the second leap into blue and aqua tones and this time my desires led me to add a striking orange band towards the centre.

I love the combinations of blue and orange and I have used them a few times over the years, although not as often as I want to.

Using blue and orange paints

I can’t put my finger on why I like using blue and orange paints but I do know that I feel very happy and contented when I do. With this particular painting I have toned down the intensity of the blue tones I have used so that I could concentrate on the forming of the circles and bands rather than have you led too heavily by colours.

That, of course, has its place but in this painting I wanted to keep things light, airy and uplifting. Think of it as sky, whispy clouds and a piercing bolt of orange sunshine bursting through the heavens.

modern art painting with circles


The technique is one that makes use of my custom built spin table but used in a manner that doesn’t lend itself to the fortunes of centrifugal force – instead it employs a steady and regular rotational speed to allow me to form the circles and, more importantly, work from a single point of contact to make decisions on blending colours together to form the tonal ranges.

This particular variation was created using a non-toxic version of my enamel paints. If you want to see how the circles paintings are made you can watch this very interesting footage from a recent LIVE painting stream I did.

The finished version sees that all important black band encompassing the whole painting. It was a necessary thing to add as I feel it brings a level of completeness and containment to the painting and allows it to grow and breathe whilst still being kept civilised. Last thing we need is for you to feel like you’re on a merry-go-round that you can’t get off!

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