Cloud Number 9

white dining table and rectangular abstract art behind

‘Cloud Number 9’
is an uplifting, large rectangular painting full of stunning colours and incredible shapes

250cm x 110cm (98″ x 43″)


pink and black coloured paint on canvas
gold sofa and cloud inspired modern art
blue and black enamel paints

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Bring the light

Cloud Number 9 is a large rectangular abstract painting that features a light grey background with a number of bright colours formed over the top.

My enamel paints are at the heart of this painting (like all the others of course) but in particular it’s the way I have layered, and built, them up that really sets this apart from some of my other works.

The sheer volume of paint has created some incredible textures but it’s the way that light moves across the undulating surfaces that really captivates you. The assault on your senses comes from both colour and light – it really is quite surprising when you stand in front of it.

Take me to the clouds above…

But of course, the giving doesn’t just stop there. The sheer presence of this big canvas is also something to behold. Size can be overwhelming, but not in this case. The ability to get away with something this size is down to the clever positioning of the coloured layers and, perhaps most critically, the amount of surface area I chose to leave alone.

The blended base layer (or background) of light grey, cream and white is a master stroke of restraint but one that is powerful enough to bring depth and balanced to the painting, It’s never too overpowering and never steals the limelight – yet without it in its current form the painting would struggle.

abstract rectangular long painting Cloud Number 9

A multi-sensory experience

The main coloured elements of the painting show off some spectacular shapes (the main colours being blue, pink and turquoise). What I love about these the most is the range of techniques I have used to create the feeling of upward movement and momentum.

In particular there’s a big gold and black swoosh that moves from left to right and this is a key part of the painting as it brings the single colour masses into a single entity. Nice!

And as if that wasn’t enough there’s the tiny details that keep popping out at you. A glance through the close-up photos will show you just how fine some of the elements are. I try very hard to pack in as much as I can to all my paintings so that they work from all viewing distances.

I am very particular about getting the most from things; and this is definitely one of those that gives to you on so many levels. Check out the photos of this above a sofa or in a dining area with a nice big table in front of it. How awesome is that?

close up of Cloud Number 9
Cloud Number 9 original art by Swarez
pink and blue paint details

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