black and white gold art and dining table

is an explosive black and silver painting with white and copper accents

180cm x 150cm (71″ x 59″)


copper paint on canvas
big monochrome painting in modern interior
black abstract paint details

The power of monochromes

Solarcoaster is large new black and silver painting that also features accents of metallic copper and white. It’s just four colours that have gone into this explosive and dynamic new artwork. The techniques for applying the paint are numerous as are the details and effects they have produced and I am delighted with how it has turned out.

The painting is carried by a deep, glossy black and this is the color that forms the underpinning of the piece. It was, however, painted in just one session – beginning in one corner and working my way to the other side. The inclusion of the black, though not acting as a base-coat or underpinning, is what really gives the canvas its depth.

The metallic properties of the copper reflects light in the most amazing ways – meaning that its appearance is constantly changing depending on where you view it from. It has formed into rich, deep folds in places and in others it’s been cast into the ether like some cosmic radiation flung into the far reaches of the cosmos.

All that comes from just one can of paint – cool right?

In comes the silver and gold

These are repeating colours in many of my original artworks because they are simply breath-taking. In the phots you can see how the silver has this bubbling and celling effect.

There are also some small fleck of the Queen’s Gold (how I refer to it on our live streams as it’s only us and the Royal Household that use it according to the paint manufacturers!). This is another twist in an already complex painting that just keeps on giving.

The whole combination is one of extreme power and energy but also one of subtlety and grace. It is entirely possible to have a painting that hits these yin and yang points and it’s exercised wonderfully in Solarcoaster.

large copper and black art
details of Solarcoaster by Swarez Art
large abstract painting above a table
monochromatic paint on canvas
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